Below are links to Chaplaincy forms for various administrative purposes

Local Warden's Forms


Electoral Roll and Nomination Forms

Chaplaincy Directory

If you wish your details to be added to the chaplaincy directory, please email your request to the office with your name, address, phone number and email. The chaplaincy directory is available from the office to every one who's details are in it.

The forms for the AGM can now be opened, downloaded and completed electronically.

For 2020 we are accepting email addresses in lieu of signatures.

The completed forms should be emailed to the Chaplaincy Office (address below)

Please note, in order to vote at the AGM attendees must be on the Electoral Roll.

Privacy Notices and Consent Form
Registered Offfice (for postal deliveries)
12 place de Gaulle, 86400, Civray
Tel: 06 21 32 31 28



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