Giving Time, Hospitality, and Prayer

Giving is part or our calling to serve and giving can take many and various forms.  For example, we can give our time and skills to serve the Chaplaincy or the destitute and those in need, offer our houses and homes for meetings and events and, of course, we can offer our prayers. All our giving should be generous but within our means, and sustainable for us while taking account of our own needs.

We always needs volunteers to help run many areas of the Chaplaincy’s life so if you feel called to give your time, offer hospitality, or to give in kind do please contact either the Chaplain or your Area Warden.

Giving in the UK

This can be done as one off or by regular payments into our UK sterling accounts with either  ICS (preferred, due to fee structure) or the Diocese in Europe.  If you make a Gift Aid declaration we can recover an additional 25% from the HMRC in tax refund, providing you are paying at least that amount in tax in the UK.

Please go to either of the following web sites for all the necessary explanation and documents:


The ICS regular giving form is:  Annual Donation Form 

Please mark your donation: “For the Chaplaincy of Poitou-Charentes” 


Please mark your donation: “For the Chaplaincy of Poitou-Charentes” 

Giving in France

The tax regime in France works differently.  Unlike Gift Aid, rather than us getting the tax given to us, you as the benefactor get a tax rebate of 66% of the amount given!  So, if the amount given is not more than 20% of your taxable income (Revenu Fiscal de Reference), your annual tax bill is reduced by up to this rebate.  So giving 100€ can cost you only 33€.

Standing Order:  You can make payments (one off or regular) by “virement” (standing order) from your French bank.  These are easy to set up either on line or at your bank, and you can adjust them if your circumstances change.  The details of our bank that you will need to do this are:

Raison Sociale: The Chaplaincy of Poitou-Charentes

Banque: BNP Paribas, Civray

RIB 30004 00359 00010005280 38

IBAN FR76 3000 4003 5900 0100 0528 038


Envelope Scheme:  You can join our Envelope Scheme and make your giving, as cash or cheque, into the Offertory plate each month at any service you attend.

We can trace these payments and at the end of each year we will send you a Reçu Fiscal certifying the amount given for you to include in your tax return so as to receive the rebate.

Cheques: in euros should be made payable to “The Chaplaincy of Poitou-Charentes”.


If you have any questions or would like help with any of this, please contact our Treasurer:

William Jones

2 chemin du Breuil

16720 Saint Même les Carrières

05 45 82 12 93